What became of the movie?

All explained here...

---Past news, updates, & announcements---

2/27/11 - First major update in the New Year; small revamp to the site, and we have plenty of ideas rea

12/25/10 - Merry Christmas everyone!  To celebrate, we uploaded our first Music Video "I Puhp'd Muhself!"!

12/11/10 - Uploaded Split Your Lip Review! (Zak)

12/9/10 - Holiday 2010 Wallpaper uploaded!

10/16/10 - 2010 Halloween Wallpaper has been uploaded!

9/30/10 - We are NOT dead- by the end of the year we will have at least two episodes up.  Starting in January, Habagahpoo Productions will have a huge surprise to be unveiled!

8/17/10 - The Movie filming began, and ended abruptly.  The movie will now be released next year... sorry!

7/13/10 - The *Unnamed* Movie Teaser has been uploaded!

6/3/10 - The Habagahpoo Movie title contest is underway! 

5/12/10 - New Wallpaper uploaded celebrating Justin's 13th birthday! 

4/1/10 - An April Fool's Day minisode has been uploaded to the Music Reviews section! 

3/26/10 - It is with great pleasure that we have welcomed our other cousins, Jake & Josh, to The Show!!! 

3/13/10 - Finally uploaded The Habagahpoo Show Preview!  Enjoy!

2/28/10- Uploaded Young & Reckless Review! (Zak) 

2/14/10 - Another video conference under our belts; the Preview is nearing completion! 

1/27/10 - Added 'Current Projects' to the site for more accurate updating information. 

1/2/10 - First *successful* video conference between East and West Divisions was held!

12/28/09 - Had a great weekend of brainstorming.  Once we get going this is gonna be a great show!!!

11/16/09 - August 20 has been officially named 'Habagahpoo Day'!

11/8/09 - Uploaded the first Wallpaper ever!

11/8/09 - Uploaded The Circle Music Review! (Zak) 

10/25/09 - Uploaded first Music Review ever! - W.A.S.P. had the honor.