---Habagahpoo Productions---

The totally real and legalized company that runs anything and everything Habagahpoo.  We specialize in everything from internet webcartoons to music videos to everything in between!


-Zak: Head animator, web design, head updater & publicity; bass/guitar; voice acting/vocals.

-Justin: Animator, design; voice acting.

-Jake&Josh: Ideas


-Marissa: Head musician, sound effects; updater & publicity; keys/guitars/drums/every other instrument; voice acting/vocals

-Andrew: Musician, animator; guitar/bass/drums; voice acting.



-Path-e-tic SFX

-Metyl Wayve Music

---Habagahpoo: Where did it all start?---

Excerpt from Merian-Websturd Dictionary


HABAGAHPOO (ha`bag`ah`poo) n.  – A paper bag filled with canine feces.  Used as a front porch prank, normally lit on fire.  [Alternatley spelled "habaghapoo" by the West Division!]


Past tense: habagahpoo’d

Adverb: habagahpooly

Verb: habagahpooing

Adjective: habagahpooer, habagahpooest

Abbreviated: Hpoo


Origin of the word:  Us four cousins were watching funny Youtube videos.  Coming upon “Yankee Doody” (an excerpt from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour *seen here*), they realized how the actor of President George W. Bush said “A bag of poo” in his distinctive voice.  Saying it unanimously, the cousins invented the word HABAGAHPOO.  We then proceeded to laugh uncontrollably at our discovery, and had to have emergency medical procedures to regain composure from our hysteria fits.  (Yeah... that last part was a lie- but hey- it sounded good! :D)

And then...

Since its origin in the summer of 2007, we have used that word nonstop, in nearly every conversation held between the cousins four.  It's amazing what kinda bond forms over crap jokes huh?

---The Habagahpoo Show---

Origin: Zak, Andrew, and Justin were hanging around The Shack (on the swing the summer of 2008).  Just joking around like we always are, we started just throwing random scenario's around.  Somehow, some way, we stumbled upon these famous lines: "Welcome back to The Habagahpoo Show with Zak n' Andy!  Episode #47 because the last 46 sucked!  But first, a word from our sponsors!  *Wait... we don't have any sponsors?!?* Okay then... Justin- how 'bout a word!  *with a mouth full of marshmallows* 'Munf munf arf gub marf (etc)' Thank you Justin!"  It trailed off from there, but little did we know we didn't just have a funny scenario- we had a full blown concept to have a complete blast with!  Upon exchanging ideas with Marissa after a reenactment of our scene, we decided on some kind of actual animated show for all the world to enjoy via this awesome technology they call the 'internet'.

Low and behold, years after Habagahpoo's initial fruition, here we are with a site up and running and episodes constantly in the making!!!  We're working when we can, but we only have so much time to devote to Habagahpoo.  Unfortunately, it is not the amount of time we wish we could.  Just keep the faith, someday we'll have a lot more stuff out!  Pinky promise!

---Habagahpoo: The Band---

A band you ask?!  That's right, we have our very own family band Habagahpoo!  We are currently working on our debut EP!

  • Vocals- whoever wants to!
  • Guitar- Andy
  • Bass- Zak
  • Keyboard- Marissa
  • Drums- Justin